A native of Saint-Malo and a fisherman on the high seas since a young age,Hubert Vinez has navigated for years in the northern hemisphere. it is in the French west Indies,practicing freediving daily,that he imagines and develops a concept of backpacks adapted to the freediving divers,allowing them to store and transport their material,even on the most inaccessible sites.

This new product,unique in the world,both in design and ergonomics, perfectly meets the specific needs of these extreme athletes.

Of Caribbean origin, MOUNAPLOK® literally means "the bubble man", in creole "Moun" being the person, the individual and "plok"referring to the air bubble.

Made of tarpaulin and meeting European environmental standards, the MOUNAPLOK® bags is a product of very high quality and offers great resistance to temperature variations.

Its innovative design and technical characteristics allow the user to carry all of all its  equipment in a protected manner,including a compartment adapted to diving fins.

Designed by, and for freedivers,the MOUNAPLOK®  bag is a reliable and practical all-in-one gear,adapted to all situations.

Spearfishing is the most selective of all fishing methods, allowing the hunter to single out its prey.He/she can tereby avoid catching young fish and respect the biodiversity,as well prevent the juveniles and respect the bio-diversity, but above all,control and quantify his/her fishing to provide for food only.

Respect for the oceans and the safeguard of the marine environment are the two major pillars of the MOUNAPLOK® philosofy.

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