New world record for ANDY CABRERA AVILA

On March 24, 2019 at the aquatic center of St Cyr l'école, ANDY CABRERA AVILA organized via its association AQUAMUNDO and ANDY'S APNEA SCHOOL, a day of awakening and awareness in favor of captive marine mammals.

AQUAMUNDO volunteers and several organizations raised awareness among the children and the public who came in large numbers.

Manifestos for a dolphinarium closure petition were signed by the participants and the children received a diploma for their commitment.

During this day ANDY CABRERA AVILA symbolically put himself in the shoes of a captive dolphin and created the character "KIKO THE UNHAPPY DOLPHIN", with a cetacean fin on his back, ANDY, chains in his hands, wanted to send a strong message of suffering in captivity!

He thus remained in the cage for six hours during which he set a new world record for static endurance apnea, the objective being to breathe as little as possible during this long session. As usual, ANDY at kept its promises by remaining 5 hours, 55 min and 47 sec without air, that is to say a total of 4 minutes and 12 seconds of cumulative inspirations!

To quote him, "the most important thing is not the record but the message I send, never visit water parks that exhibit captive marine mammals, do not consume the flesh of cetaceans, support those who campaign for the defense of our oceans and wild animals, And finally, wherever you are, watch them go free!"

MOUNAPLOK-freedivingline supports ANDY CABRERA AVILA for his courage and the just and noble causes he defends, join him also associations and organizations, thank you to all...THANK YOU ANDY!


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